E. Tyrell Coover


Artist & Art Educator

Tulpa: a being or object that is created through sheer discipline alone; a materialized thought that has taken physical form

Inspired by movement, patterns in nature, progression of life and soul, prismatic color, Mehndi designs, street art, and the female body, I live to spread art to eyes that wouldn’t normally see it. I firmly believe that all urban environments should be decorated with color and creative design to improve the lives of those who reside there. I personally strive for clean lines, perfect curves, pure balance of color and composition, and images that inspire.

Artist Bio
Tyrell Coover, owner and founder of Alt Art Ed, has a degree in art education and has taught Digital Photography, Art Appreciation, Digital Art I & II, Life Skills, Fashion and Interior Design, and Art History at the high school level. The Longmont, CO resident and Michigan native has taught art to all ages of children through community classes, a private school, and after school programs. After completing an internship at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Tyrell was offered a position there teaching art experience to local underserved children, as well as being a guest educator in their hugely popular summer program.

In 1995, Tyrell displayed work in her first college art show and has since shown work in multiple juried competitions, galleries, art festivals, and public buildings. In 2011, she participated in her first live painting performance through the international art company, RAW, who also featured her work and created a promotional video for her. She was asked to return to RAW as a live painter and featured artist in the 2014 show in Boulder. Her last art show was at Tesoro Artisans Gallery in the Santa Fe District of Denver.

Tyrell lives in Longmont, CO with her husband, three children, dog, and kitten. Besides all aspects of art, she enjoys traveling with her family (and without her family), seeing live music, eating and making good food, photography, and hiking. Aside from teaching art and creativity to people in all phases of life, Tyrell co-owns Ideal Space Builders, a local independent remodeling and construction company in Longmont.

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